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Founded in January of 2018 by twin brothers, musicians Matthew & Nathan Leone, Charity Bomb is a preventative mental health solutions 501(c)3 organization. We develop methods and mechanisms that fortify the mental well-being of children as a preventative strategy to mitigate mental health challenges.

The Leone’s curiosity about traditional IQ-based curriculum being devoid of EQ evolved from a passion project, into a career, after discovering the manifestation of childhood trauma and dysfunction into adulthood.


Instead of treating the conditions after they’ve taken hold, Charity Bomb is focused on a preventative solution through gamification. The advantages of our data-backed method stretch far beyond the scope of preventing things like depression, anxiety, and addiction. Students of this curriculum tend to excel in all major pillars of life. Given the precarious nature of today’s world, it has never been more important to galvanize our children’s mental and emotional fortitude.

Charity Bomb’s adaptation of SEL or social emotional learning is not the current CASEL form that is now commonly taught in elementary education. Our custom, age-banded worksheets and EQ/SEL-infused gamified app (in development) aims to fortify young people by developing their EQ (emotional quotient), i.e., life skills, intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness, relationship-building ability and strong value profiles.

Our ambition is to foster confidence, self-awareness and the emotional resilience necessary for children to navigate their way to a happy, successful, and fulfilling life, while avoiding the pitfalls of anger, depression, anxiety and addiction. This is Operation GENzEQ…
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Missions Accomplished

Charity Bomb opened our doors in January of 2018 with a $40 check, and have since raised over $160,000 for a variety of partnering organizations. We raise funds by curating custom experiences that can’t be purchased on the regular market and auction them, and with our overwhelmingly successful STRANGE benefit series, which happen annually in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville and Minneapolis. For more info on Strange 90s, click here: Strange 90s.

We are continually curating the best, free, immediately available tools & resources for the spectrum of mental health challenges.


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Proceeds from this shop help to support our GENzEQ initiative.

Merchandise in our store has been created by our team with the goal of raising funds for our social and emotional learning initiatives. We have also been grateful to receive donated items from artists and musicians supporting our efforts. Together we are building amazing humans by working to reverse the trends of bullying and depression in our youth.

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Bomb Squad

Charity Bomb is a creative organization, tethered to the virtues of transparency and altruism.

Launched in 2018, Charity Bomb was founded by three, life-long friends who share the virtues of fatherhood, philanthropy, musicianship.

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